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How do you integrate IdCloud Authentication?

Register your organization

The IdCloud registration process is called onboarding. Your Thales project leader will declare a new tenant for your organization in IdCloud. This is based on the information you provide in the onboarding input form. For further information, see the Onboarding process.

Integrate your system

To perform the scenarios previously mentioned, you will need to integrate your system with:

  • Your mobile app: you will integrate calls to the Mobile Protector SDK in your mobile app source code.

  • Your backend: you will integrate the Web API calls to the IdCloud Authentication services in your backend.

The diagram below shows an integration that covers out of band scenarios. For these you would also need to integrate your other applications, such as those involving a computer. For Getting Started, we will just consider in band scenarios with the mobile app.

Thales IdCloud mobile sample app

To see if IdCloud is suitable for your purpose, Thales provides a sample mobile app with the Mobile Protector SDK already integrated that you can use to test IdCloud scenarios.